To the Summit WBC – March 6, 2016

Today I'm packing a bag and a helmet and getting ready to attend the 2016 National Bike Summit and Women's Forum. This year is the first year that both events are being hosted together as one; in previous years, the Women's Forum was separate, including separate registration, and began a day before the rest of the Summit... which meant that it excluded some of the very folks it is meant to include. 

So – this year I head to DC wearing the hat as the Chair of Women Bike Chicago – and I am so proud to do so. I attended the first Women's Forum when the DC area's Women Bike had just launched and I came back to Chicago full of ideas to share with our also recently formed grassroots group of Women.... it was right before our first Day of Dialogue and Demos. In the years since, we in Chicago are breaking ground and I'm excited to share our progress with those I meet this year in DC. 

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